What Everybody Ought To Know About water soluble fabric marking pens

Are you looking for a great way to add a personal touch to your clothing? If so, water soluble fabric marking pens may be the perfect solution for you! These pens are available in a variety of colors and can easily be applied to any fabric surface.

These pens are great for adding a small but personal touch to your clothing. They are also great for marking important garment seams or other areas where you need to remain visible.

If you are looking for a way to add a personal touch to your clothing, water soluble fabric marking pens may be the perfect solution for you. These pens are available in a variety of colors and can easily be applied to any fabric surface.

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The best water soluble fabric marking pens: Features & Guide

Bestseller No. 1
Fabric Markers Pens, 6 Color Water Soluble...
  • 【Products Include】In this kit, You will get 6 colors disappearing ink fabric marker pen, 1 pcs gauge sewing measuring tool and 1 soft tape measure, for sewing marking and tracing tools, variety of...
  • 【Fabric Marker】Automatically disappear or quickly erasable by water.
  • 【Measuring Ruler】Sewing gauge with a sliding marker that will stay in place for repeated marking, the surface and edges are smoothed so that you can get accurate measurements without replacement.
  • 【Disappearing Erasable Ink Fabric Marker Pen】Especially used for fabric and clothing marking, shoe labeling, cross stitch, needlework, handicrafts, patchwork, embroidery, artificial flowers and...
  • 【Wide Applications】Very suitable for fabric DIY, cloth, textiles. Multi-color marking is very suitable for decorating clothes, shirts, pants, linen, canvas shoes, T-shirts, jeans, bags, shoes,...
Bestseller No. 2
D&D Fabric Marking Pens, 4 Color Water Soluble Ink...
  • The writing effect is best on the fabric, and the lighter color will be less obvious on other items. If you want to write on materials other than fabric, please buy with caution. If you have any...
  • Purple & pink pen : 1-7 days disappear, or use water to wipe them off immediately
  • Blue & white pen : writing trace does not disappear automatically, but it can easily and quickly erasable by water
  • let you mark on various colors of fabrics, or to color-code marks to indicate different stitches or thread colors
  • 4 color set Includes purple, white, blue and pink disappearing pens all of your crafts projects
Bestseller No. 3
LEONIS 5 Water Erasable Marking Pens Blue [ 78008...
  • VIBRANT INK COLOR appearing on most light-colored fabrics and some dark-colored fabrics depending on the texture and darkness
  • SHARP AND FIRM PEN TIP allows you to draw precise lines with every stroke. Our felt pen tip can hold its shape and ability to distribute ink smoothly for your entire use.
  • EASILY REMOVEABLE by using a damp cloth or washing with water, leaving no trace behind
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY despite the smaller than average size to get you through several sewing projects
  • EXTREMELY COMPACT SIZE enables our sewing fabric markers to fit perfectly into a standard sewing craft box and the likes, convenient for storage and travel
Bestseller No. 5
6PCS Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen...
  • Package includes 6 sewing marking pens: hot pink, yellow, green, blue, navy blue, conspicuous and clearly visible, which allows you to mark on fabric of different colors and materials.
  • The marking pen is made of quality plastic material, not easy to break, and the water soluble ink can disappear automatically when dipped in water, non-toxic and safe for your use.
  • This fabric marker is handy for temporary marking of pattern instructions or designs on fabric. The water soluble ink can disappear automatically in about 7 days, and/or easily and quickly erasable...
  • WIDE APPLICATION : Suitable for many occasions, such as dress marking, cross stitch, handicraft, embroidery, patchwork, shoe marking, quilting, sewing and so on.
  • PLEASE NOTE : The disappearance time varies with temperature, humidity, material & color of fabric, storage method, etc. This product is made according to the principle of absorbing the moisture in...
Bestseller No. 6
Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pens, Disappearing...
  • [Easily Remove Ink]: Our water erasable pend are made of water soluble ink, marking lines can be easily removed with water; Perfect for marking on fabric for any sewing and craft project
  • [7 Colors]: Colorful ink pens can meet your various colors of fabrics; High visibility on the cloth and fine point, easy to write a fine line and small letters, giving you a joyful creating experience
  • [How to Remove the Ink]: Red, yellow, purple, dark blue and green ink will gradually fade away with air in a week or fast fade with water; Blue, white will only fade away by water, and will not fade...
  • [Application]: Our water erasable fabric marking pens can write on any surface, especially use for dress marking, shoe marking, handicraft, embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork, needlework and...
  • [Package Includes]: 2 x Green, 2 x Purple, 2 x Pink, 2 x Blue, 2 x Dark Blue, 1 x White, 1 x Yellow, total 12 pcs of washable fabric pens
Bestseller No. 7
Dritz 710 Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen Combo Pack, Blue...
  • For sewing, quilting, crafts and embroidery
  • Perfect for transferring design markings
  • Water soluble ink, remove marks with damp cloth
  • Blue for marking light fabrics, White for marking dark fabrics
Bestseller No. 8
Andaa 10 Pcs Water Soluble Marking...
  • Pink Pen--Water Erasable Pen,1-7 Day Disappear, Or Use Water To Wipe Them Off Immediately Or Can Be Removed With Water,Damp Cloth,Or Sponge
  • Blue Pen--Smooth Roller Ball Point Pen,Disappears Spontaneously,And/Or Easily And Quickly Erasable With Water Or Eraser,Great For Any Sewing And Craft Project
  • Green Pen--Fabric Pens,Invisible Ink Pen,Can Write On Any Surface,Especially Use For Dress Marking,Shoe Marking,Handicraft,Embroidery,Cross Stitch,Patchwork,Needlework And Artificial Flowers,Etc
  • Purple Pen--Fabric Marker Pen Used For Dressmaking, Crafts, Quilting, Embroidery And Temporary Line Markings. Ink Is Erasable Easily And Quickly By Water, Making Great Convenience For Your Projects.
  • Dark Blue Pen--Perfect For School,Office,Family Use.Great Gift For Your Kids, Friend Or Personal Collection;Erasable Marking Pen Size Is Approx. 15 Cm/ 5.9 Inches In Length,1 Cm/ 0.39 Inch In Diameter
Bestseller No. 9
Ylucky Water Soluble Tailor's Gel Pen Sewing Tool...
  • One set has 6 Color ,pink,purple ,blue,dark blue ,yellow,green.The other set has 12 white pens
  • Pink pen: 1-7 days automatically disappear, or use water to remove immediately. Purple pen: 2 -14 days automatically vanish or use water to remove at once Blue pen : Writing marks can easily and...
  • Yellow, Dark blue, Green pen : Automatically disappear, or quickly removed by water non toxic and no powder
  • White pen - fade away automatically or by hot ironing , water wipe (for dark fabrics)
  • Perfect for dress marking, shoe marking, handicraft embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork,needlework
Bestseller No. 10
Air Erasable Fabric Marking Pen Disappearing Ink...
  • White ink marking pens set, pack of 12, marks easily on multiple types of deep color fabric, such as muslin, quilter's cotton, denim, linen and etc
  • Water-soluble disappearing ink keeps the marks visible only while be needed
  • The markings will disappears in 1-7 days or you can also rub a bit of water into it, and it disappears quickly and completely
  • Great for embroidery, dressmaking, shoe marking, crafts, quilting, cross stitch, needlework, cloth and fabrics sewing, arts and crafts tracing and stitching
  • A necessity item for seamstress, sewers, quilters, personal who like arts and craft
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